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At Alejandro Design Studios, we specialize in the design sector of the architectural industry. Over the years, we've discovered that many people don't have a clear understanding of what interior design is. When many people think of interior design, they think of someone who works with construction companies to design interiors. Others think of someone who decorates residential and commercial buildings. Let's consider what interior design in Overland Park is all about.

An Architectural Interior Designer

To be a licensed interior designer in North America, you need an accredited university degree, which requires many years of in-field experience before you would be qualified to take a series of challenging exams. Public safety is very important when it comes to build environments, not just look and feel. After all, it's where we spend the majority of our time - in our homes, offices, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, and more.

While engineers and architects are responsible for many build components, their responsibilities don't always cover everything, especially interior components, such as partitions, corridors, circulation, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and finishes. Someone needs to make sure all these interior components meet the necessary safety, air quality, and building code requirements, while at the same time, making sure the building is functional and economically well-designed.

There is More to Interior Design than You May Know

When we provide interior design in Overland Park, fire safety is one of our most important concerns. Most of us know about fire alarms and sprinklers, but there are many other important steps taken to ensure your safety in interior spaces that many people don't see. Walls, ceilings, windows, and doors have to be built with the appropriate materials and assembly to meet fire separation requirements. Materials such as wood, carpet, textiles, and many other things, have to meet flammability and fire resistance ratings, and designers need to know what ratings apply in different situations. Corridors, aisles, and doors have to meet appropriate lengths, widths, and clearances that adhere to stringent building codes.

When Interior Design Meets Construction

Unlike structural engineers, interior designers are usually not responsible for designing load bearing walls or structures, but we are still responsible for the materials and structural integrity of many things, such as knowing where to put the deflection channels, expansion joints, and materials, knowing where to put additional support and blocking for wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted fixtures like lighting, cabinets, and heavy equipment. Also, an interior designer is responsible for knowing where to install additional bracing and support for things like suspended ceilings and demountable partitions for certain seismic zones.

As you see, an interior designer does much more than design interiors concerning decor. When construction is involved in interior design projects, close coordination between engineers, architects, construction crews, and interior designers is needed to attain the client's desired result.

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Whether your interior design project is simple or complex; whether it involves construction or not; we are the interior design experts you can trust for industry-leading interior design in Overland Park.

Interior Designer Overland Park
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