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There are many business event venues in Kansas City, but none can match up to the quality of Alejandro Design Studio. As interior designers in Kansas City, it's only fitting that our venue should be beautiful and visually stunning. There are some qualities to look for when sifting through the multitude of event venues in Kansas City. Let's consider four of the important qualities that can make or break your event.

#1: Avoid the Box

It's important to choose a venue that has visual variety. There's nothing worse for an event guest than to be stuck at their table in a dull banquet room. If you have been to an event in recent memory, you probably already know for yourself that a beautiful venue alone makes the event better and more memorable. Of course, quality event planners can make any venue look wonderful, but why not start with a place that is already architecturally appealing. Alejandro Design Studio starts off marvelous so you and your event planner can personalize the venue instead of dressing it up and hiding the venue's plainness.

#2: Something Unique to Discover

Some venues have bridges, fountains, art, designer furniture, and so much more. Alejandro Design Studio, more than other event venues in Kansas City, is the perfect example of offering something to discover in addition to providing a great venue for your Kansas City event. Our additional venue features and design are not distracting for your guests, but rather, they serve as a nice addition. Your guests will enjoy discovering unique elements from our facility, or that you have brought in, like food areas, extra bars, and entertainment.

#3: Music Levels

This may not seem like it has anything to do with the venue, but it does. If there's no escape for loud music, it can smother conversations and the excitement to get involved with the rest of the event. This mostly refers to the first couple hours of central mingling and social time. Alejandro Design Studio is large and open to allow the escape of loud music and noise.

#4: Add Cocktail Tables

Adding cocktail tables or sofas for the guests will encourage people to mingle.. Some venues just don't have the layout or the space to accommodate sit-down tables, stages, and cocktail tables, but Alejandro Design Studio certainly has the space to add cocktail tables and sit-down tables. It's all related to the experience for the guest. If they can get up from their dinner tables and interact with each other, they will have more fun and remember your event for years to come.

Planning an Event Can be Stressful Enough

As you consider different event venues in Kansas City, choose the one that makes your life as easy and stress free as possible. Alejandro Design Studio takes much of the pressure off you and your event planner's shoulders so that you can work on hosting an event that will be remembered by everyone as well as achieve your business event goals.

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Venues In Kansas City Venues In Kansas City Venues In Kansas City Venues In Kansas City
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